Reflexxes Motion Libraries  Manual and Documentation (Type II, Version 1.2.6)
Real-Time Behavior

Worst-Case Execution Time

The On-Line Trajectory Generation algorithms (OTG) of the Reflexxes Motion Libraries are real-time capable, that is, a worst-case execution time will not be exceeded in any case. To achieve this, the two basic methods of the Reflexxes API (cf. References to All Classes of the Reflexxes API)

execute a limited number of operations. In all cases, the worst-case execution time scales linearly with the number of selected degrees of freedom, such that a complexity of $ O(n) $ results, where $ n $ is the number of degrees of freedom.

Non-Real-Time Capable Parts

Please also note, that all constructors of all Reflexxes classes are not real-time capable as heap memory has to be allocated. As a consequence, all Reflexxes objects have to be created during a start-up phase of the control system and deleted during a shutdown phase.

List of all constructors:
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