About us

Reflexxes is an engineering company that specializes in developing online motion generation software for robots and servo drive controllers. Founded in May 2010, the company began as a spinoff of the Robotics Institute at TU Braunschweig (Germany), where a team of researchers around Torsten Kroeger first developed an algorithm for computing robot motion trajectories from arbitrary initial states on-the-fly. This allowed robots to react instantaneously to sensor signals and events in any situation.

  Torsten Kroeger 

Using these research results, we offer:

  1. Professional software products, long-term support and updates for robotics and servo drive control manufacturers entering new application domains that require highly reactive motion control capabilities.
  2. Free software implementations of advanced online trajectory generation algorithms and free support for research and education institutions.

Our developments of sensor-based robot motion control features bring cutting-edge research results directly to reliable industrial applications and everyday-life. Recently, Reflexxes has joined Google, Inc..