The Reflexxes Motion Libraries

The Reflexxes Motion Libraries provide instantaneous trajectory generation capabilities for motion control systems. Robots and servo drive controllers become capable of reacting instantaneously to unforeseen sensor signals and events. This enables the realization of new features for control systems:

  • Instantaneous reactions
  • Typical worst-case response time: 30 microseconds per axis or degree of freedom
  • Instantaneous switching from sensor-guided control to trajectory-following control
  • Interruptible motion commands
  • Instantaneous reference frame changes
  • Instantaneous change from actuator space control to task space control and vice versa
  • Stable switched-system control
  • Online motion synchronization
  • Deterministic reactions to sensor failures

These features are realizable through a simple API, which allows a straight-forward integration into existing systems. The Reflexxes Motion Libraries enable new opportunities and provide advanced features for robotics and servo drive control applications that have not been possible before.

More Details

Each library, Type II and Type IV, has a C++ API and contains a set of Online Trajectory Generation (OTG) algorithms that are designed to control robots and mechanical systems in order to take advantage of the features above. The Type IV library is more advanced than the Type II library, because it allows for jerk-limitation and considers current acceleration values (see also overview page).

A description is also provided on the documentation pages of the Type II and the Type IV libraries. The following papers provide further technical insights of these new algorithms and their application.